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Note: I have a number of customers who are regularly infected with nearly every virus introduced. The factors common to the vast majority of them is that they are using Outlook or Outlook Express for email combined with Norton Anti Virus.

I STONGLY recommend against both of these products. In my opinion, as long as you use them, you must expect to regularly be infected by virii worms and trojans.


The complete mozilla browser/email bundle or Firefox (free) from http://mozilla.org. (Mozilla and Firefox automatically block popups and will not allow you to be infected simply by visiting a website as Internet Explorer can)

or if you are married to Internet Explorer and want to take the risk of being infected simply by browsing to a website, and just want to replace Outlook or Outlook Express, we recommend:

Thunderbird from http://mozilla.org does not automatically execute attachments as outlook and outlook express do. You can download and install it for free. It will automatically import your Outlook email and accounts.

Replace NAV with almost any other antivirus program. This one has no reported infections in over a year.

AVG from http://grisoft.com (the free version works just fine).


1. Click Here to run Trend Micro's free online Housecall virus scan (Note: you must use Internet Explorer to do this because it is the only browser that will allow programs to be run on your computer from a website).

2. Click Here to run Panda's free online virus scan (Note: you must use Internet Explorer to do this because it is the only browser that will allow programs to be run on your computer from a website).

3. Click Here to run BitDefender's free online virus scan (Note: you must use Internet Explorer to do this because it is the only browser that will allow programs to be run on your computer from a website).

Why three online scans? There is no perfect anti-virus program. Nearly 100% of the time, each one find infections the others did not. The reason is that new infections replicate for some amount of time before the anti-virus companies even know about it and after they do know, they have to write a fix. That can take days and days is long enough to infect half the world. If you are in that half, you will get it and there won't be a fix yet.

Keep in mind that you wouldn't be reading this if your current anti-virus program was working. This give you three more chances of someone knowing about the virus infecting you and having a fix for you.

4. Write down the virus names and the infected file names for any of the scans cannot fix.

5. Download AVG (they will send an unlock code to you via email) or the anti virus program of your choice

6. If you are using AVG, get the AVG unlock code from the email they sent

7. Uninstall Norton

8. Install AVG or other antivirus software

9. Update your new anti virus installation

10. Run a new scan with your new anti virus software

11. Download Mozilla, Thunderbird or other email client software

12. Make sure you know your email account password(s)

13. Install your new email client software

14. Search the web for fixes for any infections the three scans could not remove. Symantec seems to have more stand-alone virus fixes than any other anti virus site. It is obvious to me they need them. They are available here.

15. Get the free Zone Alarm or other personal firewall to block direct IP address intruders and IP popups.

Most Important: No antivirus program can protect you if you click on an infected attachment you have received. Many antivirus programs will either remove or identify an infected attachment, but you cannot depend on them to do it. The infected attachments you are most likely to receive are the new ones your anti virus program doesn't know about yet.

If you don't know what that attchment is, don't click on it.
Ask the sender what is is first.

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