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Search Engine Submission / Maintenance >

Keyword Research & Implementation >
Keyword Evaluation Service >
(Our Proprietary Saturation Evaluation Process)

Search Engine Submission/Maintenance:

Many of the search engines have time frame requirements for submission. Our Search Engine Submission/Maintenance service keeps track of whether or not you are listed on the top search engines, and re-submits you within the guidelines of each engine.

Note: Many services boast that they will submit your site to the search engines every month. This is not only not a good thing, it is one of the best ways to get your site bumped off of the search engines, and "black listed" so you won't get back on. If you submit to a search engine that you are already listed on, most of them will drop you. And, if you have been dropped, and re-submit before their time guidelines they most likely will not list you then, and possible not ever.

Along with your submissions you also receive weekly traffic/search engine ranking reports which give you information such as:

Visitor counts for your site
Keyword Rankings
And much more...

These reports are provided weekly, via e-mail.

Keyword Services: (Using our "secret" Saturation Evaluation Process)

Keyword Research - $100 per incident
(we recommend updated research on at least an annual basis)

Keyword Implementation - $150 per page

Keyword Evaluation Service - $150 for 1st page
$50 each for additional pages.

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Keyword Research & Implementation:

Our Keyword Research & Implementation service is for initial keyword/metatag setup.
This service includes:

Create an initial keyword suggestion list based on your website content,
and information about your service/product(s).

Consolidate/Re-form your list based on our proprietary saturation
evaluation process which gives us an idea of realistic placement
expectation from a keyword.

Create page title and description based on the finalized keyword list.

Suggestions for text additions/changes to optimize for your keywords.

Implementation of the keywords onto your page.

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Keyword Evaluation Service:

Our Keyword Evaluation Service is designed for websites that are not seeing satisfactory traffic, are not increasing or maintaining search engine rankings, or maintaining a good visitor to purchase ratio.

This service includes a combination of the following services, based on the specific issues needing to be addressed for a website:

Research how many people were searching on the keywords you
currently are using.

Evaluate the relevance of your keywords to your current site content
and offer suggestions/additions/modifications to your current text.

Modification to your current keyword list and related implementation
if needed.

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