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Scott Creative Services, Inc. offers Our Shopping Kart for your website shopping kart needs. Our static page shopping kart is search engine friendly!

  Each item can have up to 24 options;
i.e., size, color, accessories, etc.

Up to 20 volume pricing discounts

Unlimited affiliates w/affiliate tracking

Unlimited discount codes

Unlimted items

Similar to paypal's cart

Very easy to use

Can set minimum purchase quantities

Handles out of stock messages

Can add to kart with a simple pop up, or take them to the kart - people are not required to look at the kart before they can move on

Option to receive an email notice when items are added to the kart

Every item gets a unique identifier

Has history file for taxes

Available in English or Spanish
(other languages available upon request)

Options can be required to have default selections.

Option to require ID to purchase an item (like a student card)

Seminar or other group signup

Make your changes all in one place!

Saved mailing list of people who tried to checkout and email addresses of those who did

Order confirmation sent to you and the customer

Optional email notices when someone adds an item to the kart.

  All pages generated in straight forward, plain html.

NO database

Every page has its own metatags, which can be optimized and submitted to search engines.

  Orders are secure.

Optional: Has user id required's - if you are a member of an organization and you have to have a license to buy something.

Does not store credit card numbers on the server.

Automatic https. The customer doesn't have to remember to type the "s".

  The parameters don't ruin your design. Doesn't "stretch" pages.

You can design your own kart - can look however you want it

Program controlled color selection, or design your own kart pages.

Use your logo, or not

Submit buttons can be images or html buttons
  Allows for 20 levels of discounts, you decide the discount levels.

Affiliate tracking

Has discount codes

Multiple payment methods: traditional merchant account, paypal, check mail in, gift certificates, purchase orders, electronic checks

Automatic or manual credit card processing

Interface to: ECHO, Skipjack, Authorize.net, and PayPal Standard

Individual items can be non-taxable

Individual items can be other taxable. The "other" tax can be federal excise tax, or other.

Options can add to the price.

Retail Pricing

Wholesale Pricing

Discounted Pricing

International to PayPal. Forces all international sales to go through PayPal for merchant protection.

  UPS interface - for ups pricing

Allows for customized shipping

Shipping by weight or by number
of items

Allows for per item shipping, percentage of sale, flat rate, price for first item and price for additionals, shipping over an amount, or free shipping

Shipping labels can be printed - design your own, or use standard.

UPS online realtime pricing

A free-form shipping chart for more complex calculations

Can add a handling charge

Can add an insurance charge

Electronic delivery gift certificates

No shipping option for gift certificates

Can individually tax shipping, handling, and insurance.

  Electronic product delivery from a secure location - you specify the number of times the person is allowed to download, and for how long (how many days)

Electronic delivery links can have an expiration date

Electronic delivery items are stored in a non-web visible place.

Electronic delivery items can allow a certain number of downloads.

Electronic delivery gift certificates

No shipping option for gift certificates

  Back up data -
once you delete, it is deleted

Recurring billing

Subscription processing. Subscription processing has to be handled outside of the program (we recommend using PayPal for that)

Doesn't handle inventory; however you can set it to not accept orders.

Doesn't do accounting, but does provide sales reports.

Doesn't do your mailing, but it does provide a mailing list from your customers.

Doesn't do autoresponders

Doesn't have a database

Does not read check boxes or radio buttons as option data.

Visit OurShoppingKart.com Here >


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