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- Our Privacy Policy
Our Refund & Cancellation Policy
Our Acceptable Use Policy
Our Legal Policy


All personal and/or business information we receive remains private.
We do not give away, sell, or reuse your personal and/or business information.

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On website and database design, you will not be charged until you approve the initial design. There are no refunds once the design has been accepted and we have begun work.

We do not refund partial months on any recurring month-to-month services. If you paid for a month and cancel the service before the month has begun, we will refund for the month.

There are no refunds on any completed work. Work in progress may be cancelled, but payment will be due for work completed at that time.

If your service is terminated due to violoation of any of our policies a refund will not be issued.

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Our service may not be used for:
· anything associated with illegal or hateful activities
· sending spam
· backup for your local harddrive

All scripts must be approved before implementation.
· MATTS form-mail script may not be used.

While using our service you must agree to act in accordance with all general legal guidelines, including but not limited to copyright/trademark laws.

We reserve the right to immediately cancel service without notice if you are found to be in violation of any of our policies.

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When we design a website, we are thecopyrighted owner of the design. Our customers have the right to use that design for their own purposes.

The customer, however does not have the right to sell or give the design to anyone else. We retain all rights to the design.

If we are hosting the site, the customer has the right to move the design to another host. We make no warranties that a site designed to run on our host server(s) will run or work on any other host server.

We have several proprietary programs (scripts) that are provided for our customer's use. The customer does not own those scripts, cannot move them without written permission from us to another server, and cannot sell or give them to anyone else.

Custom programs written by us can be transferred to another host but all ownership rights belong to us. The customer can use the program for the intended use but cannot sell or give it away.

We make no warranties of merchantability or fitness of the designs or programs. If there is an error in a design or program we have written, we will either replace it with new code or repair non-functioning portions. We assume no liability for loss of sales or income in relation to these changes.

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