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Obviously, there is no one answer to the question of what any given visitor will like or not like in a website. However, there are certain aspects of a site which can make it more appealing in general.

One of the most critical aspects for a website is navigation. It can be extremely frustrating if you feel you are "finding your way through a maze", rather than using a "carefully organized guide".

Tips for keeping navigation simple:

Keep navigation placement the same on
all pages throughout your website
Eliminate "click-through" page
structures which require you to view
page A and B before you can get to C.
Instead, keep all pages accessible at
all times.

An exception to this would be if you have obvious groupings on your website. If this is the case, you can have sub-navigation for the groupings. However, it is again recommended that all sub-navigation is offered/displayed on all pages of that grouping.

Another extremely critical aspect of a website is loading time. Very simply, people are not patient. The guideline that we use for loading time is no more than 10 seconds per page. This seems to be a happy medium that pleases most visitors. Of course, if you are able to optimize for faster loading times, by all means do so!

Tips for minimizing loading times:

Optimize your images using photo
editing software, such as:
PhotoImpact, or PhotoShop. Many of
these programs have options which
can reduce the color palette in images
to speed loading.
In all cases possible use text rather
than images. If you have a headline
that you currently are using an image
for, scrap that and type it in to
speed your times.

Note: An exception to this rule would be times when a specific font is critical to your design - when using text on pages, specified fonts can only be viewed by those visitors which have that font installed on their computer.



The Basics:

Why a website?

Advertising on Internet

Minimum Requirements

Attracting Visitors

About Search Engines

Your Internet Name

What is Hosting?

Designing your site

Your email address

For Beginners:
- What to look for in a web
hosting company and top
web host provider

Become a Webmaster

Learn the things you need
to know to create a website
that gets high search engine
ranking and the qualified
visitors you want

- How can I deal with your
company long distance?

Are you a web host?

Where do I register my
domain name?

Can I host a website myself?

What is WebMail?

- Make your website work

Make a web page the search
engines will like

Create a web page your
visitor will like

Create web site templates

How to pick the best
search engine keywords

Tips from our Creative Director:

Maintain a consistency to the pages throughout your website. Visitors usually
do not like the feeling of having to "get to know" your site with each click.

Represent yourself accurately by making sure that your website reflects the
information you are claiming to have. Visitors do not like to sort through 10
sites claiming to have information about a subject/product to find one that |
really does.

Do not use both red and blue on the same page when avoidable. The human
eye cannot focus fully on either color when the other is present in the same
line of sight.

Minimize animations, or eliminate them all together. Minimizing excess
movement on a site will allow a visitor to focus on what they came for, rather
than being distracted.

Keep pop-up's and advertisements to a minimum. Also, be sure that those
advertisements which are on your site are relevant to your site's content/visitors.

Avoid the bold option! It seems that people think that if some bold text is good,
than all bold text is better. Wrong! By keeping only "main-point" text or
headlines bold they stand out more than being surrounded by all bold text.
If you feel that all of the information on your page is the most important,
take some time to reorganize your information and prioritize the intentions of
your website.




No high pressure tactics, no gimmicks or gadgets, no black hat techniques.
Integrity is our bottom line. We employ white hat techniques and specialize in relationships with individuals and companies that want more than just a web presence. We guide you through the vast Internet maze while demystifying the process. If Internet sales of your product or service is what you want -
not just traffic or a high ranking - you have come to the right place!

All backed with knowledge -
Gained from years of experience, being in the website business since 1996, and our outstanding customer service.



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