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Based on the definition of SEO, the answer seems fairly obvious - to get high rankings on the search engines and draw in paying consumers wanting to buy what products or services you are offering. However, quite often, people erroneously or naively believe "if I build it, they will come" - spending thousands of dollars on a slick design that no one will ever see because it's not optimized. It's like a restaurant owner sinking money into a lease, location, renovations, menus, staffing, just the right ambience, etc. - and then never publishing their phone number, location, hours of operation or menu. How long do you think this restaurant will stay in business? Why then, would you go to the expense of creating a website without optimizing it? Effectively (or ineffectively) you are not letting the very people who want what you have to offer know about your product or service - or know how to reach you.


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The SEO process includes writing meta tags (the code that the search engine spiders come crawling around looking for). Meta tags include a title tag, description and keywords. Targeted keywords are important in order to be found by the search engines. However, once you are found, it is also important to know that the metatag description and title are what the search engine displays for a prospective visitor to read - to decide if he wants to click on your site instead of the one above or below it. A well-written, enticing title and description that draws the reader in is the difference between a visitor clicking on the link to your website - and ultimately buying your product or service - or not.

The basic guidelines for optimizing are:

Choose the right keywords.
Make sure the page you are optimizing is about what you are optimizing for. This means the exact page, not the entire site.

The site will be about many things. The optimizing for a page can only address what is on the page, not what is on other pages.

The title and description must contain the keywords that the page is optimized for.

The keyword list is ignored by the search engines if the words in it are not also on the page in visible text.

Targeted keywords generate sales while generic words generate traffic but not sales. Optimizing for generic words is almost always a waste of time and money.

Optimizing a page should be limited to as few very specific keywords as possible. One keyword, one page is the very best anyone can do. Often times, site owners try to stuff every keyword they can think of about any and all of their products into one page to try to get the most bang for the buck. This
keyword stuffing doesn't work and will often get a site blacklisted.

The bottom line: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the single most effective tool and least expensive way to market your website for the greatest return on investment. According to a March 2003 report by Piper Jaffray, Senior Research Analyst Safa Rashtchy, "Online search is the most cost-effective direct-marketing method. The average cost per lead from search is 29 cents, far less than e-mail (50 cents), the Yellow Pages ($1.18), banner ads ($2.00) and direct mail ($9.94)."

SEO allows you to tap into a worldwide marketplace to reach people far outside your geographic area - who are looking for you - only a mouse click away. The question is - will they find you? We help you use the power of the search engines to your advantage. If you optimize it, they will come.




No high pressure tactics, no gimmicks or gadgets, no black hat techniques.
Integrity is our bottom line. We employ white hat techniques and specialize in relationships with individuals and companies that want more than just a web presence. We guide you through the vast Internet maze while demystifying the process. If Internet sales of your product or service is what you want -
not just traffic or a high ranking - you have come to the right place!

All backed with knowledge -
Gained from years of experience, being in the website business since 1996, and our outstanding customer service.



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